Wind in the Willows at York Theatre Royal


wind in willows pic










Running out of ideas where to take the children this summer? Wind in the Willows at York Theatre Royal is a delight for the whole family. This interactive theatre production was great fun! During the interval, the characters played a cricket match with the entire audience as fielders.

I was fascinated by the Edwardian era costumes, designed by Lydia Denno, with little touches like Toad’s extra-wide shoes and Otter’s flat wide tailcoat. The beautiful, decrepit set design helped to give an atmosphere of calm and elegance of another era long gone.

There were some solemn moments when Badger talked about the animals reclaiming the land. But the kids loved the funny slapstick moments best, mostly involving  Toad as a washerwoman.

Wind in the Willows is on at York Theatre Royal until Saturday 30th August

Box Office 01904623568





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