How to keep the kids entertained this summer


It’s that time again when mums everywhere start having to think about the summer holidays.

How on earth can we stop kids (and us) from climbing the walls for six weeks?

I have a couple of ideas I’d like to share. Last year, we made a jar filled with ideas of things to do.

If you’re stuck for ideas, this list by Be A Fun is great:


Holiday Activities Ideas Jar

Holiday Activities Ideas Jar

This year our list has been updated: Go Geocaching, make a loom bands/friendship bracelet gift card for friends, make giant bubbles (I’ll share our secret recipe soon) and Comping, our favourite activity of all.

Comping – entering competitions, can keep kids occupied for hours. There are hundreds of toys and great prizes to be had out there. Some good best online sites are and I have a subscription to the magazine and website which has paid for itself many times over.

C-lucky Chicks Crafty Comping Club

C-lucky Chicks Crafty Comping Club


I now run a creative comping club for kids. My daughter called it C-lucky Chicks Crafty Comping Club (and I am Crafty Cow, a bit like Brown Owl.) We stick, paint, collage, sculpt and make wonderful crafty things to enter those comps that require a little more efffort (effort with an extra ‘f’…see what I did there?) Projects include inventing a new sweet to tour the Haribo Factory, have your own message on Love Hearts, create a dragon to win tons of stationery, design a treehouse or theme park to win family holidays and days out.  It’s really exciting stuff! The next club meets at Otley Courthouse on 28th June.

Keeping the kids active when there’s no school P.E. also makes sense. They’ll sleep much better, even though the nights will be lighter for longer. Making obstacle courses from a couple of paddling pools and other junk is very popular in our garden. And never, ever underestimate the hypnotic power of balloons. Even drawing on them with pens holds some weird fascination for my kids, then they chase them round for ages. On rainy days, we play cushion world – all the cushions come off the sofa and make a giant mountain in the middle of the room. The kids jump all over them; I get to vacuum where the cushions were (lucky me.)

On this blog I have been reporting on alternative forms of exercise, from Heavy Metal Bellydancing to Roller Derby. But I still have to say that my favourite exercise is dancing round the kitchen with the kids. The look on their faces is a joy. And I have to make the most of that while it lasts, because surly adolescence will come in a blink of the eye. And then? Well…..



About catwomanga

Swimming with dolphins, blowing up a school and floating in zero gravity...and that's AFTER getting knocked up. Welcome to the wonderful world of comping. And why not drag the kids into it too? Aged just 4, one won tickets to Legoland in a rapping competition while the other got to blow up an abandoned school.

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