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What to do with all that leftover Easter chocolate….


What leftovers? There are no leftovers!

Oh, alright, the Easter Bunny got a bit sneaky and hid chocs

round the house so well the kids never found them.

We’ve been making mini choc nests with the secret stash,

but beware, they are incredibly moreish!


After Easter Mini Nests

After Easter Mini Nests











You will need:

Cadburys Mini Eggs

Weetabix (about 1 ‘biscuit’ per 3 mini nests) or Shredded Wheat

As much leftover Choccy booty you can find

Cake cases in a bun tin

Crush the Weetabix in a bowl and place to one side.

Warm the choc in a bain marie or pyrex bowl over a simmering pan of water.

Mix the Weetabix with the fully melted chocolate

Place in cake cases using two spoons

Squidge into a nest shape, pushing two or three mini eggs into the choc

Leave to cool and harden in the fridge

Don’t eat too many at once!