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Creative Comping Kids (keeps ’em busy)



Pinterest Catwomanga: Fun Crafts to Try

It’s half term, and that means the house gets extra messy. All the crafty, creative stuff comes out of cupboards, gets strewn all over the kitchen table and starts sprawling up the stairs, swirling round me, like a living beast made out of tissue paper, pipecleaners and (arghhh! ) glitter.  The only way to survive is don’t sweat it. It’s only for a week.

As I write, I have two children drawing designs on white t-shirts using Pentel Arts Fabric Fun pastels. Pentel have a complete range, but I chose pastels as I thought there would be less mess to clean up.  You can iron on the design to make it permanent. I’ll have a lot of ironing to do later. Lovely.

Earlier today, I introduced them to the art of Quilling, where we made some cards, and the gorgeous art of decopatching, a funky form of decoupage.

For more creative projects for your kids to get up to this holiday, take a look at the CBBC website, or for more unique projects sorted by age and gender , your first port of call should be the site here 

Why not enter their works of art into competitions? For some great competitions to inspire your little Botticellis and Gauguins, go to the Prizefinder site here

For a brilliant UK site for children’s crafts, take a look here.

Have fun, and hope you win something too!


Pancake Party


We’re planning a Pancake Party next Tuesday, and in doing some research for inspiration, I found some amazing pancakes; some were downright bizarre. I put together a board of incredible pancake art on Pinterest here.

If you’re looking for gluten-free alternatives, take a look at the No Naughties website for superb gluten-free pancake canapes, based on a Finnish recipe here. They’re oven-baked, so there’s no slaving over a hot stove getting covered in grease and pancake mix.

If you really are pushed for time, you could always buy some supermarket pancakes and have fun mixing and matching these toppings:


Chocolate spread


Toffee spread

Lemon curd


Fresh fruit – raspberries, bananas, blueberries

Sprinkles – hundreds and thousands, or chocolate flake sprinkles

For those who prefer savoury toppings, you could make “pancake pizza” with a choice of cheese, ham, mushroom, peppers, and warm them up in the oven.

I’ve just asked the kids to write a list of potential guests to invite.

At the last count there were 27 children.

Wish me luck…..