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It’s that time again when we take time off work to go see our little darlings in their school plays.

I doubt any nativity will be able to top last year, when my five year old son was cast as a donkey.

Being time-poor and cash..meh, I bought a semi-donkey fancy dress costume online. (God bless those corporate supermarkets, with their mass-produced, half-arsed answers to life’s little problems.)

The costume consisted of a furry gilet and hat with some ears. When it arrived, my Gok Wan tendencies kicked in – it was missing something. A tail!!

Foolishly, I stuffed a small grey sock (not small enough, it turned out) and sewed it onto the back of the costume. Still not right. I found some black felt, turned it into fringing and made an adorable little ‘swishy thing’ at the end of the tail. Perfect! Hmmm.

The day arrived and my little boy took to the stage like a natural. So much so, he got a bit giddy and insisted on being on stage throughout the whole performance.  Ah well, he’s a donkey; it’s allowed. Plus let’s face it, I’d have to record the whole thing, and who wants to watch other people’s kids for an hour?

About halfway through,  my little boy found his tail. He pulled it up between his legs to the front. It was a sock; it was stretchy. He swished it about. He played it like a guitar. He later told me it was his ‘little rock star.’

The parents were treated to ten minutes of Donkey Dong, while I struggled to keep the camcorder still, trying not to laugh. He showed his little rock star to Joseph, which was the last straw for our religious school. Virgin Mary didn’t get a peek, fortunately. Donkey Dong was literally dragged off the stage by his leg, where he fell into a pit of angels.

Oh well, something to tell the grandchildren…..

Youtube video here: watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=4FcSx9qVyiU

Donkey costume at Amazon


Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf  is a gorgeously retro doll that sits on high, watching the children to check if they’ve been naughty or nice. Every night, Elfie flies back to the North Pole to grass on the kids to Santa. Then he returns to the house and sits in a different place.

Elfie comes out of our loft, I mean magically appears, just after Bonfire night. Why so early? Two reasons.  First, we have no problems getting the kids up early in the morning for school, they are desperate to see where Elfie may be hiding each day. For that reason, I think we’ll be giving Elfie weekends off.

Secondly, Elfie is good leverage for getting the kids to behave. My husband used to threaten them by saying he’ll call Santa’s mobile number (why hasn’t someone come up with a Santa hotline number? Come on Dragons’ Den!) but Elfie can be just as good. Unless of course, we’re at a restaurant, in which case, I may have to get an Elfie’s Little Helper on a key ring. But I don’t think the kids will buy it.

Elf on the Shelf comes with a delightful story book, which has a place in the back where you can name him.  He’s had so many names, I find plain old Elfie works for me.

It’s not cheap, but it’s been worth it in terms of parent power.