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Horrible Histories Savage Songs


Richie Webb, the man who composes Savage Songs, is a genius. We’re all captivated by the hilarious, wonderfully educational sketches and best of all, the Horrible Histories Savage Songs.

Last summer the BBC Proms held a free concert featuring the best of the best. (Take a look at the end of this post.)

From then, we were all hooked. I bought the DVDs (which helpfully have all the Savage Songs sections in the extras.) There are loads more to watch (the Dick Turpin homage to Adam Ant is also worth a mention)

Here are our Top 5 Savage Songs

5: Cleopatra     “I’m a pharoah don’t you dare-o mess with me-o.”

4: William Wallace, Scottish Rebel    Ooh that smarts!

3: Boudicca Don’t Diss this Miss!

2: Pachacuti – a hilarious take on all those awful summer holiday songs

1: Viking Song – Literally We’ll drink a toast from your skull…cos we’re Vikings, that’s how we roll

If you want to see more, take a look at this amazing video of the BBC Proms Horrible Histories Big Party

(Please note this video is an hour long show:)

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