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Copyright Make Mine a Builders

A while ago I won a competition from Make Mine a Builders tea to demolish a building.  I thought it would be cool for my son to press the button cos he’s so cute; and imagine how exciting it would be for a little boy to blow up a building! It could be the start of a beautiful career…?!

We were told it could be a building in Birmingham. My husband said “It must be Cadburyworld! Yeah!”  Can you imagine? The kids would be devastated!

Although that building in Brum wasn’t suitable, The PR guy Jonathan was fantastic, he sent us copious amounts of tea  while we waited a while for another building to come up. Then the big day finally came on Sunday. It worked well for us because my son was that bit older now so he’ll remember it forever.

We set off early and drove to Longton High School in Stoke on Trent. The weather was quite normal when we left, but we braved blizzards on the M62 (the highest motorway in Britain, don’t you know) then had to ditch the car a mile from the firing point because of the sudden fall of thick snow.

Fortunately Jonathan and John came to the rescue in a 4×4. John must have the coolest job in the world; he gets to blow up stuff for a living! He talked us through the detonation process; holding the big yellow detonator, my son made a grab for it; fortunately it wasn’t armed at the time!

Copyright Make Mine a Builders

Then the countdown began…

This may sound weird but the snow made the aftermath look stunning.

Copyright Make Mine a Builders

Seeing the building explode must have been very emotional for former pupils of the school. In one of the vids on Youtube you could hear old alumni in the background as it exploded: “Hooray!!!….Awwwww!” I couldn’t put it better myself!


Festive Family Fun at the National Media Museum


Had a fantastic time at the National Media Museum in Bradford today.

We love going there; they have brilliant events and exhibitions. Where else can you visit Wallace and Gromit, Postman Pat, the original characters from Rainbow, The Wombles and Playschool, see an Oscar up close or get in the firing line of a Dalek?

Best of all, it’s FREE! *

At the moment, they are showing Festive Family Films like Arthur Christmas, Happy Feet Two  and Puss in Boots (also shown in 3D) as well as classic Christmas films like The Snowman and It’s A Wonderful Life. For full details and times, go to:

We watched Puss in Boots in 3D at The IMAX. It was worth it just to see the kids’ faces! They were flinching, laughing and trying to grab things out of the air all the way through; flying gold coins,  snowflakes and even the occasional hissing cat. My favourite part was where all the cats danced at the end, busting moves like “the litterbox.” There’s a really funny ending too.

The whole film was one great adventure from start to finish with a few laughs along the way. A worthy prequel to the Shrek trilogy.

After the film, we went to the first floor to join in the craft activities. Children can create their own Christmas bauble based on The Snowman or Puss in Boots 3D.

‘Explainers’ are on hand to help create a spinning bauble, or, for older kids, create an animated e card on the PC using their own artwork. 11am-4pm, drop in sessions throughout December.

For more details:

*(NB charges apply for parking and cinema tickets)