Monthly Archives: May 2011

My Year of Living Fabulously…


With a husband mad keen on running and two energetic children under 7, I thought it was time I should find a form of exercise for myself, just to keep up with them all. My youngest is obsessed with Total Wipeout, and he kept suggesting mummy should take part, after I made a throwaway comment.

Much as I would love a trip to Buenos Aires, I had to take a reality check. As I watch all those contestants, I can somehow gauge how fit I am, and how I would fare on the course. Not good. I’ve had five years of sleepless nights and grabbing food on the run during the day, then after putting kids to bed, my default button is to veg, exhausted, in front of the TV with a snack.

Maybe it’s because my big 4-0 is just around the corner but I’ve vowed that 2011 is my “year of living fabulously”.  I’ve decided to Gok myself to the max, change my entire wardrobe, eat well and lose…ahem, some weight by just eating less and moving more.  But the gym is so goddamn boring I’m going to have to find something more…me.