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It’s not how long it is, it’s what you do with it that counts. Life, that is.

I took five years out to be a full time mum. And what a shocker that was! It doesn’t matter how prepared for a family you think you are, you never truly are.

Unless, of course, you have angelic, textbook babies that sleep for more than 40 minutes at a time, and don’t ask you for something to eat every 15 minutes. But most of us don’t have that.

Somewhere in my five years of  social coma, we’ve had Twitter, Facebook and other evil ways to waste your time/add to your workload, particularly if you’re in the PR industry, or the gloriously self-promoting media industry.

You must be getting old when you find yourself constantly looking up Urban Dictionary to find out every word on Facebook from my niece and nephew and their friends  in Miami.

You do not want to KNOW what I found! Or maybe you do? Then there are all the acronyms. OMG. WTF?


Size Zero...Gravity: Lose weight without trying

I kept myself busy during those five years though; at some point  I’ll tell you how I managed to blag a zero gravity flight and swim with dolphins while pregnant (I can highly recommend it; I had a very chilled out baby)

This spring I worked full time on a two month contract organising events/PR for an urban farm. It was the most manic two months of my life; because now I have babies and all that social networking stuff to do on top of everything else. I coped by not sleeping. I can’t highly recommend it.

I’m currently embarking on what is now called a Portfolio career, writing articles, screenplays and a novel. It all sounds very pretentious, but  things are never as glam as they appear, are they?